Anthropologist: African and Oceanic art

Art historian: modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture

Collection inventory – research and writings – project and exhibition organisation

Art anthropology, material culture, museum

You possess a collection of objects (inherited or collected yourself) and you wish to have a detailed inventory.

This can be useful in many cases:

To know exactly what you possess (number of objects, dating, etc.)?

Verification and valuation for your insurance?

To publish a book?

To organise an exhibition?

You wish to have research done on some objects/works of art (context, time, object’s function), in order to document or to publish about them. I can also assist you in your publication’s projects (among others: proofreading, assistance, translation).

You wish to organise an exhibition or a cultural event (conference, symposium etc.) and you need support in putting everything in place or defining your concept. I would particularly like to stress my experience in museums and cultural departments, among others with exhibitions such as “Banquets” and “Vinc” or with events such as The Power of the Pacific or the Lukas Hartmann lecture on his novel Bis ans Ende der Meere.


Oceania and Africa

Contemporary Art

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